Lace Up Your Sexy: How To Wear Plus-Size Lingerie With Confidence

Truth is…

I love wearing lingerie around the house


This September is all about self-care, loving your body and allowing yourself to feel good.

I’m all for sexy lingerie and the

options for plus-size are growing everyday.

When shopping for plus-size lingerie you must know the difference between investing in unique pieces vs shopping at great prices on some of the same items you see everywhere.

If you’re looking for lingerie that will support your curves and make you feel great,

Here’s a list up the best plus-size lingerie brands to bookmark.

If you struggle with showing your body,

Here’s how to feel confident in Lingerie:

Give Yourself Permission

You’ll always be a problem if your confident, beautiful, and plus-size. They’ll judge you anyway so you might as well do what works best for you. After all, your flaws can be someone’s all.

Know You’re A Blessing

The world is lucky to experience plus size women and all its glory. We make up so many different shapes and sizes that allow our uniqueness to inspire designers around the world.

Ease Your Way Into It

Try a bodysuit or add a layer like a robe or duster. You don’t have to bare all to make it look sexy.

Do it for you

We spend enough time in life trying to impress others. Sometimes you just gotta do it for you. Create your own vibe and learn to love your body before you let any else do.

Happy Self-Care September!


Lace body suit: Torrid