MOOD 4 Eva – 5 Ways To Live Confidently In Uncertain Times

There’s no “right” way to get through whatever you’re going through.

Just get “through” it.

Perfection is not an option in this season!

Everything feels unfamiliar these days.

But one thing that should never change is your consistent bond with myself.

You must show up for yourself!

I was reminded to “Put Your Faith On It” while listening to Kierra Sheard’s and Tasha Cobb’s “Something Has To Break” because truly, something has to break in this season.

We may know “who” we are.

We may even know “what” we have to offer.


If we don’t know our “why”, we’ll forever go in circles until we do.

Change The Narrative

Below, discover 5 ways to build lifelong resilience and live confidently in the world no matter what.

Happy Soul Styling!

1. Always be yourself, and never apologize for that.

There’s so much beauty in being unapologetically you. Its okay to feel the way you feel, and do whatever it is you do. The only person you should want to impress is you.

2. Put problems into perspective

I’m telling myself when I tell you; it’s natural to over think, but it’s not necessary to over-react. Be still and put things into perspective. More than likely your circumstance is not the end all.

3. Manage your mood

Be aware of how you are feeling and the things that trigger you. Do whatever helps you feel positive and stay away whatever doesn’t.

Our mind and body are linked together so whatever you tell your mind, your body will follow.

Speak life.

4. Be a calming presence for others

Make everyday a day you make someone feel loved. No matter if its personal or just sharing a positive Quote online.

In these moments where our future is unclear, it’s always great to have a reassuring voice in your ear to make all the difference.

Be that difference!

5. Learn to let go

Live your very best life!

Stay healthy, stay strong and remain compassionate.

Learn to focus on those who love you and bring out the best in you. Release everything that doesn’t serve you.

Do whatever it takes to find joy in everything.



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