Bloom Where You Are Planted: Black Plant Experts To Follow On Instagram To Help Inspire Peace and Joy Into Your Home

The word of the month is “Bloom”

[VERB]: to flourish or thrive.

Between Queen B “Black is King” and five months in quarantine, we can all agree there’s a sense of awakening in the air.

This entire summer has been an evolution.

Plants remind us daily that it’s a always a beautiful time to grow.

Create your own positive space, and flourish!

Yesterday marked two months of being a

“plant mom” and I’ve realized plants are much more than Instagram.

Plants go back, way back to our Black and Brown roots.

One of the most popular indoor plants,

the “snake plant”, originated from the continent of Africa and South Africa.

Afro-ecologist, D’Real Graham says “snake plants” helps us tap into our memory.

“Having plants native to our homeland allows us to connect with the beauty of where we come from”.

Indoor plants sets a unique tone and sacred place for self-care and creativity.

Not only do they purify the air in your home, they dominate and create a great aesthetic.

In celebration of August being Black Owned Business Month, we continue our #BlackFriday by celebrating black owned plant boutiques and Black plant influencers.

Below, checkout a list of Black plant experts to inspire your next plant purchase!