The CROWN Act: Your Hair, Your Crown. Your Style, Your Business.

Hey Queen,

Have you heard of The CROWN Act? (Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair)

The CROWN Act was led by the CROWN Coalition and co founded by Dove, National Urban League, Color Of Change and Western Center of Law & Poverty I’m 2019.

The CROWN Act ensures the protection of black and brown in the workforce and at school.

In only 7 states, racial hair discrimination based on race-based hairstyles and texture is illegal.

In 2020, Texas, along with 42 other states have yet to join the fight against hair discrimination, making it legal to get fired in the workforce or expelled from school because of your hair style or texture.

Studies show that 80% of Black women are more likely to change their hair to fit in at the office.

That means more than half of people of color have to go out their way to look a certain way to only perform at the same level, if not better than their colleagues.

The shift starts today!

We all deserve to live in a world that shares the same privilege of not thinking twice about the way you decide to do your hair.

Join the fight with Beyond Beauty x Brai and help create change today!

Your hair is your crown.

Your style is your business.

No matter if your hair is styled:


Braided Back

In Locs


Or a Wig

Do you, and do it well!

Today, I Pass The Crown to everyone reading and to anyone who shrinks themselves to make others comfortable.

We see you. We are you.

Self Love and Respect starts today!

Here’s How You Can Pass The Crown!

Sign The Petition

Find Your State Legislators

Write Your State and Federal Legislators

Be sure to visit for more information.

Be you. Be Beautiful.


Dove Partner

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