Style Guide: How To Dress For Summer With Clothes You Already Own

There’s not enough clothes in the world to level up your confidence, you just have to own it!

Beat the heat with your style this summer no matter if you’re at home or out social distancing.

There are effortless ways you can create new outfits with clothes you already own.

Shop and save smart this summer by investing your shopping budget back into your savings account or back to a black owned business

It’s possible to level up your looks with what you have.

Below, discover how to style new outfits from your closet with clothes you already own.

Lets get started!

#1 Organize Your Closet

The best way to pair clothes in your closet is by organizing all of your looks.

You never know what you have until it’s all right in front of you.

So often do we buy items and just hang them randomly in our closet.

Separate your looks by classification.

Ex: Group everything alike including dresses, shirts, pants, shorts, etc., together.

#2 Mix and Match Your Wardrobe

Leave your insecurities at the door when it comes to mix and matching your wardrobe.

Start with selecting a shirt and take notes on all the different colors and patterns that pair well.

There are many bottoms to choose from and that also includes swim separates depending on the occasion.

A few great color combinations to consider for Summer 2020 include:

·     Bright Red & Dark Pink

·     Golden Yellow & Classic Blue

·     Orange Peel & Mint Green

·     Faded Denim & Cream

·     Neon Green & Classic Black

Don’t forget to accessorize!

Accessories are the easiest way to switch up an outfit quick!

From your shades, jewelry, and even body jewelry, let your personality take over.

#3 Take Notes

As you begin pairing different outfits together, take notes on what you have and what you need to fill in the gaps.

If you know you are short on certain styles, make it a priority to shop JUST for that!

The key to building multiple looks with your clothes is having all the basic key pieces available to select from. 

That is your classic blazer, sweater, shirt, blouse, skirt, legging, and shorts.

Once you realize what is missing, write it down and focus on those key items to help build a better wardrobe.

#4 Add a POP of Color

When it comes to adding a pop of color to a look, you only need one. 

Your pop works best when it makes up a small percentage of your look. 

If you choose to add two, make sure they compliment one another.

Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be You.

Happy Styling!