20 Things To Stop Wearing In 2020

Hey Beautiful,

No more excuses!

The weight of 2020 is more than enough motivation to seek change.

There are plenty of things people say you can do to better yourself, but there are plenty of habits you can break for a better you and confidence for life!

Your happiness is in your hands.

A life filled with toxicity is chosen.

Make the conscious decision to overcome yourself.

There’s no external validation needed.

Create a space that’s truly worthy of you.

Below, discover 20 Things To Stop Wearing in 2020.

It’s beyond your beauty!

Happy habit breaking!


Your insecurities

The weight of other people’s opinions

The need to have it all together

Negative thoughts about yourself

The fear of failure

The weight of toxic friendships

The need to prove yourself


Toxic Friendships

Poor Boundaries



Your Silence

Bad Habits

Body Shame

Self Doubt

People Pleasing

Your Weakness (make it strong)

Poor Judgment

Things out of your control