30 Ways To Feel More Confident While In Quarantine

Hello April,

New month, new goals!

Now that we have another month of social distancing ahead, it’s time to get serious with self care!

Transform your next 30 days with productive ways to feel more confident, motivated, and inspired while in quarantine.

Instead of scrolling social media by the hour, use this time to master self-care and make yourself a priority.

Find joy at home and make the most of every moment.

Here’s to 30 days and 30 ways to feel more confident while in quarantine.

Happy Social Distancing 💋

1. Take a break from social media

2. Create your own work from home space

3. Put on an outfit that makes you feel confident

4. Do a random act of kindness

5. Journal

6. Organize Your Closet

7. Meditate

8. Write a handwritten letter

9. Connect with a community of people with similar goals

10. Practice a positive affirmation related to your goals

11. Learn something new

12. Brainstorm solutions

13. Track Your Spending

14. Make the appointment you’ve been putting off

15. Try a new recipe

16. Create a vision board

17. Manifest

18. Update Your Resume

19. Make a new cocktail recipe

20. Online Shop

21. Purge and Declutter

22. Identify which social activities bring you joy

23. Create a routine

24. Set a daily timer

25. Connect with a family or friend you haven’t spoken to in a while

26. Create a list of 5 things that make you feel beautiful

27. Take a selfie without retaking it

28. Remove 3 things from your space you don’t use

29. Track Your Water Intake

30. Eliminate one bad habit for your daily routine