Black, Bold, and Confident: A Style Salute To African American Influence On World Culture

Black women celebrated their confidence and curves long before body acceptance became a fashionable marketing campaign or hashtag.

Social media and pop culture send the same message over and over: be more confident.

But when it comes to black women, it’s offended brushed to the side and appropriated by other cultures for creating and influence that began decades ago.

Fashion have allowed African Americans to express themselves for centuries!

Below, discover how blacks have boldly influenced style during these iconic eras and made a mark on world culture!

Harlem Renaissance

During the 1920s to 1930s, at the height of the Harlem Renaissance, African American culture in art and fashion was on the rise.

African Americans were able to express their style so uniquely in ways that was most elegant and are still referenced this day.

From the extravagant detail, flamboyant gowns and decor, black women became the blueprint for classic fashion references like the roaring 20’s and hairstyles like the pixie cut, bob, or updo.

Civil Rights Era

The Civil Rights Movement was the merge between politics and fashion. African Americans expressed their pride through culture by wearing their natural hair and embracing their ethnic roots. In the black community, this was a major protest to the white beauty standard that represented the world.

This era was much bigger than change for blacks, but a moment that helped blacks learn to love and embrace their beauty, naturally.

We salute the Blank Panther Party “all-black” uniform that symbolized strength and embraced blackness from top to bottom.

What a moment in time!

Motown Era

Music and Fashion will forever be a perfect harmony in black culture. Motown fashion was bold, black, and truly beautiful. Diana Ross became the face of the sleek and sequin attire. We can also thank the Motown Era for the introduction to Headbands, Smokey eye make-up, and the acceptance of bright colors on dark skin.

Hip Hop Era

Fashion brands like Adidas and Nike were the highlights of this era! Big hoop earrings, sleek ponytails, neon colors, vintage prints, leg warmers, windbreakers, chunky chains, you name it! Style in the 80s was ALL THAT!

The 90s included influence from artists like Aaliyah and TLC that mixed men and women styles while rocking major labels like Tommy Hilfiger. The baggy pants, crop tips, timberland boots, bandanas, and jean jackets will forever live as A MOMENT in black fashion history!

Today, salutes all black fashion icons that took up space and became more confident.

Black women who created their own rules and became their own motivation.

To the fashion greats like:

Dorothy Dandrige
Dina Ross
Grace Jones
Tina Turner
Lisa Left-Eye Lopez
Missy Elliot & many many more…

Thank you!