10 Ways To Enjoy Valentines Day While You’re Single

Hey Queen,

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Choose today and everyday to celebrate love!

If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’re here for inspiration on how to make the most of your Valentines Day.

Before we continue, know that you’re beautiful, loved, and happiness cant be found in any man but Christ.

If you’re worried about feeling trapped in your single life, there’s no reason to feel down or left out this year!

There are several ways to celebrate and enjoy Valentine’s Day without being in a relationship.

All you need is lots of self-love, love in your heart for others, and the company of great energy from close family and friends.

Below, discover a list of great ways to celebrate Valentines Day while you’re single!

Love Yourself

I know you’re probably tired of the entire self-love movement but it’s true…

NOBODY can love you like you do!

Valentine’s Day is a good time for introspection and self-reflection.

Take today to secure boundaries and create new ones!

Practice saying a couple of affirmations to yourself.

“I am beautiful and I am deserving of all the love life has to offer”

“I love the person I am becoming”

“I am my own kind beautiful”

Do something special for a close loved one

No matter if it’s your mom, family, or close friend, select one person in your life that makes you feel special and show your appreciation.

Your appreciation can be shown by time well spent, a lengthy phone call, hand written letter, or a small gift!

Create your own perspective for Valentines Day

Take advantage of your time being single. Learn to enjoy and embrace these moments that you may soon never have again!

Just think, we may all be married with kids by next year!

Life comes at you fast!
Use this time to be comfortable with yourself and the skin you’re in. It will make you that much more appealing and complete when you find someone who compliments you.

Wear something that makes you feel good

Empower yourself!

Show out with your wardrobe today!
Put on something that always turns heads, or something that you receive more compliments in. Wear red or a color you don’t usually wear out. Go for whatever makes you feel your sexiest.

Choose a random act of kindness

No matter if you choose to compliment a stranger or volunteer part of your day, being kind always make you feel more beautiful!

Go for random acts of kindness that reminds you of your worth and all you have to offer to the world.

Envision and write down what type of relationship you want for yourself

Write it down and make it plain. Think about everything you want in a man/woman, what you feel they should value, their strength of their relationship with their family, and their approach to living life even in difficult times.

The first step to attracting what you want in life is manifesting it! The law of attraction and visualizing what you want is key to attracting compatible people into your life and your relationships.

Have a girls night!

Nothing beats a lonely night like a girls night! Grab a bottle of wine, pick up your favorite snacks, or go to a fancy restaurant.

The best way to celebrate love is being around the ones you love!

Treat yourself!

No matter if it’s a day off work, a massage , shopping spree, nice dinner, or facial; do something your mental health with thank you for later!

Take a Trip

Escape the weekend by taking a trip out of town. You’ll hardly have time to think about your relationship status while checking out a new town, exploring, or meeting new people.

Do your own thing

This one is pretty self-explanatory.

Do something that makes you happy and content. You don’t have to be around others to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Your valentine is right in the mirror!

If it means Netflix and chilling in your favorite lingerie or cooking your favorite meal, do whatever makes YOU feel happy!

Love comes in many forms and exercising self-love for yourself is one of the most important.

Start a new tradition this year by celebrating love and others!

You don’t have to be a relationship to enjoy Valentines Day!

You create the vibe!

Happy Valentines Day