20 Self-Love Habits For Next Level Confidence in 2020

Happy 2020 Everyone!

It’s a new decade of SLAY and were slaying everything into existence!

Better confidence, better relationships, better opportunities, and showing up as our authentic self!

Sometimes you have to be the beauty and the beast.

Take nothing personal but everything in lesson.

There’s nothing quite like watching a woman rise in strength, confidence, while embracing who she is.

A woman who knows she’s beautiful and doesn’t need anyone to convince her anymore. 

A woman who knows her worth and doesn’t waste time with anyone that don’t.

You’ve seen your ugliness. 

Now make it beautiful!.

Our self-confidence is linked to a greater success and we must learn to grow through our experiences to achieve joy and happiness in life.

Reverse habits and step into a more productive, successful, and happy life.

You are worthy and deserve to finally believe that!

Here are 20 Simple Self-Love Habits for Next Level Confidence in 2020.

  • 1. Speak Up For Yourself
  • 2. Know Your Strengths
  • 3. Create Your Own Success
  • 4. Be A Blessing
  • 5. Qualify Yourself For Unqualified Positions
  • 6. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone
  • 7. Be Confident With Your Body Language
  • 8.    Use Positive Words
  • 9. Have Clear Goals
  • 10. Embrace Fear
  • 11. Trust Your Gut 
  • 12. Say NO
  • 13. Look to Others For Inspiration
  • 14. Learn In Every Experience
  • 15. Self-Care
  • 16. Be Yourself
  • 17. Celebrate Yourself
  • 18. Invest In Yourself
  • 19. Be Confident In Your Boundaries
  • 20. Have Nothing To Prove

The journey toward a higher self-confidence starts with personal growth.

We can’t grow without learning to love ourselves.

Whatever you’re superpower is, make a habit of focusing on that, and you’ll have no choice but to have self-confidence.

Happy Slaying!