Last Minute Tips to Nail The Perfect Thanksgiving Look

“Tis the Season to Slay”

Just because Thanksgiving comes around every year, that doesn’t mean it gets any easier picking out your outfit for the living room. (LOL)

There’s a great balance between comfy and cute (more cute than comfy) that you must achieve to nail the perfect look for thanksgiving.

In today’s post I want to quickly cover a few style tips that I adore and are so easy to apply to any last minute look.

No matter if you’re dressing up or dressing down, here are 4 things I like to keep in mind when picking out the perfect Thanksgiving Day outfit!

1. Comfort over everything!

Leggings, cozy sweaters, stretchy jeans, and sweater dresses are perfect options for staying comfy and looking cute!

2. If you’re wearing pants go for a pair with (a lot of) stretch and a lot of sass!

Thanksgiving isn’t the day you want to wear your boring pair of jeans. Spice is up with elevated pants no matter if it’s leather, mesh, or sequin detail.

3. If you must wear a dress, I suggest going easy on the Spanx or no Spanx at all. Sheer tights are a much better slimming option!

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of the tight elastic waist band of your Spanx.

4. Get festive!

That means wearing your favorite Fall colors or a sparkling piece of jewelry or clothing. Wear something a little special!
After all, it is the start of the Holiday season!

If you’re just like me and love to do the absolute most, here’s inspiration for you to jumpstart your outfit picking for tomorrow’s slay.

Happy Styling!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Coat: Stein Mart

Sequin Jeggings: Ashley Stewart

Booties: Just Fab