The 3-Step Outfit Guide To Flattering Curves No Matter The Mood

Hey everyone!

3 From 30 & the final 3 months of the year starts tomorrow.

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It’s a new season and I’m not just talking Fall!

Transition your style with new ways of thinking, styling, and dressing.

Fall in love with new ways to pull off looks you never imagined and better ways to get dressed with no hassle!

Ultimately, the best outfit you can wear is confidence.

No matter if you’re a size 2 or 22, you must own it!

For days you’re not feeling your most confident, badass self (because we all have those days), discover a 3-Step Outfit Guide for flattering curves that works no matter the mood.

Step 1:

Find great shape wear! 

Whether you’re fairly slim with a bit of a pudge or you’re a round and curvy woman, a little shape wear goes a long way.  

Shape wear works like a girdle but is light as pantyhose. It firms your tummy, but it’s very comfortable and makes a huge difference.

My favorite brands are Spanx and Bella Rosa.

Step 2:

Get bodied in a bodysuit 

I’ve never been a bodysuit wearing type of person until now. 

Before you start moaning and groaning that it is impossible to wear a body suit unless you are skinny, listen up!

Your body is what YOU make it!

Shop styles that catch the eye like lace, asymmetrical, bare shoulder, and any neutral color styles.

A classic black bodysuit is always most slimming and an elegant take on any look you want to achieve. 

Step 3:

Find the perfect pencil skirt 

There’s nothing sexier than a shapely pencil skirt that hugs your hips, flatters your curves, and says “Yes, I’m a woman.” 

A pencil skirt can be your secret weapon if you want to walk into a room and look and feel powerful.

Go for fabrics that are flattering. For women with curves lighter and thick fabrics are best like scuba and stretch silk. 

Stay away from jersey knit and stretch cotton. 

A few key styling tips to remember while wearing a pencil skirt includes: 

  • Make sure your skirt doesn’t pull or pucker.  Buy a skirt that fits your hips and then take it in at the waist to get the perfect fit.
  • Stay away from pencil skirts with detail at the waist such as buttons, pockets, gathering, and trim. These details will add bulk and make you look heavy.

The classic pencil skirt and bodysuit combo is an outfit you never have to overthink. 

Dress it up or dress it down.

You’ll always be a mood!

Happy Styling!