Ego vs Soul: The Real Reason You Should Wear Whatever You Want

A big clue that you don’t love yourself is how you treat others that do. 

If you’re reading this I hope you feel me when I say its hard loving yourself in a world that tells you to “chill”. 

When I started learning more about self-love, 

I learned the difference between ego and soul.

I am a woman who knows she’s a queen. 

When you know that, you own that! 

Your Ego says:

I am in competition with the world.

Your Soul says: 

I create my own reality.

There’s a thin line between fashion and mental health. 

Truth is it’s very difficult to remain unaffected and whole.

Loving yourself isn’t vanity; it’s sanity.

The real reason you should wear whatever you want is because you’ll look amazing in whatever you want. 

It all starts at the root of how you really feel about yourself.

Live it up in clothes that make you feel and look fabulous!

Stop caring what people think and love what you know.

Start today by letting your style empower yourself and others.

Happy Soul Styling!