Slaytember: How to Wear White into Fall

Some rules are meant to be broken. 

Happy Slaytember!!

This month is my favorite month for many reasons and I’m so excited to transition from summer to fall.

The old fashion rule of not wearing white after labor day is played.

Wearing white whenever you want and however you want. 

That’s how you wear white into Fall.

What once represented wealth now represents society taking a stand on status and creating their own rules. 

Get creative and define your personal style.

It’s “white” you make it! 

Wearing white into fall is simple and can be paired with some of your favorite rich fall hues like:

black, maroon, brown, dark gray, & olive green.

Are you ready to wear white into fall?

Here’s how: 

White on White

There’s no look like a monochromatic look. It’s timeless, sophisticated, & effortless. Cream, ivory, or off-white together creates a look unmatched.

Tip: Dressing monochromatically is the easiest way to make your outfit seem more expensive. 

White Denim

White denim styled with knee high high boots will forever be a signature slay. A look that can be worn practically all year round but looks exceptionally sophisticated with your favorite blazer or cold shoulder blouse. 

White Camisole

Another way to wear white into the fall is to wear a white camisole. Switch up your look with a satin or silk camisole that pairs easily under a cardigan, blazer or sweater.

White Boots

White boots have become a consumer favorite and great way to look comfortable and stylish all in one. If you’re not into white tennis shoes, investing in white boots is a great way to stay in style & in season.

Winter White

Theres no white like a winter white. Get ready to shop your favorite outerwear including white fur vest, white coats, and white denim jackets. These items pair perfect with your favorite body con or 2 pc set.

Winter White is the perfect look to achieve over the holidays.

Happy Styling!