Summer Bright-Done Right: Two Ways To Wear Neon Before Summer Ends

Neon dressing is the highlight of Summer 19 and a fashion favorite among many runways, Instagram feeds, and street styles. 

NYFW introduced neon in Fall 18 and we can expect to see trends here to stay for some of Fall 19.

This summer we enjoyed neon fashion inspired by 90’s styles like classic neon biker shorts, neon tennis shoes, and neon snake skin! 

Finally, with less than one month left of Summer, I got a chance to put my own spin to the “hot girl” neon trend!

Styling neon is all about stepping into your power and getting out your comfort zone. 

Find your signature color, select your favorite silhouette, and step into your color confidence. 

There are many different ways you can pull off neon with no limit to the looks you can achieve.

Two of my favorite, quick and easy hacks for styling bright colors are:

Color Blocking

Neon green has been a huge Summer 19 influence so it was only right I paired with my favorite signature color.

Color blocking is a great way to achieve THE look with minimal to no accessorizing.

Great colors to pair with neon green are:

  • Cobalt Blue
  • Magenta Pink
  • Purple (dark or lavender)
  • Olive Green
  • White

No matter if you’re dressing up or dressing down,

color blocking is great for any occasion.


Another great way to wear neon is to style using the Monochromatic fashion trend.

A monochromatic outfit is clothing pieces of one color paired together.

The best part of styling the monochromatic trend is seeing the different shades come together to create a polished, chic, and effortless look. 

Dressing monochromatically can make you appear slimmer and a great hack to look seamless from head to toe.

On top of looking slimmer, you look more expensive and much more fearless. 

Sophisticated signature colors you can try on your next monochromatic look are:

A Pop of Hot Pink

Radiant Red

Forest Green

Blue Hues

Two Shades of Grey

Get dressed with confidence.

Happy Styling!


Magenta Pink Blouse- Ashley Stewart

Neon Pink Biker Shorts -Ashley Stewart