Self Love Habits to Help Find Your Sex Appeal

There’s nothing quite like watching a woman rise in power,

and strong enough to embrace everything that makes her beautiful. 

Finding your sex appeal is all about creating your own energy.

Discovering what makes you feel good and detaching from anything that doesn’t.

Sex appeal is not a particular look.

Your sex appeal is your vibe and the way you carry yourself at all times.

An essential to mastering your personal sex appeal is not caring what others say about you.

Often times your confidence may be misunderstood.

It’s your responsibility to let who ever, think whatever! 

Life just becomes much easier when you feel beautiful on your terms.

Confident women who are confident in their sex appeal don’t feel the need to prove a point. Instead, they compliment, embrace, and encourage women from all walks of life to feel the same.

The process of loving yourself doesn’t happen overnight.

Everyday you must learn to develop self-love habits to help you love yourself and your body more each day.

Below, discover great self-love habits to help find your sex appeal.

Compliment Yourself

Look in the mirror and start saying positive affirmations everyday (even if you’re not in the mood). 

Encourage yourself every moment you get. Your mind will believe and your body will follow.

Practice Confident Body Language 

Learn to relax and have direct eye contact during conversations. There’s something incredibly sexy about a woman who is confident. Get comfortable!

Your confidence makes others want to be around you.

Take Ownership

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Learn to take ownership of the energy you allow in your life. You don’t have to accept negative energy from anyone. Own your grace and walk confidently in what serves you.


Let go of any toxic or negative relationships that bring you down. You don’t have to have to accept anything you wouldn’t do.

Show Genuine Love

Volunteer, give a stranger a compliment, do something your soul will feel good about later on. Your sex appeal is your internal beauty. Wake up everyday with a purpose to serve. 

Don’t Shrink Yourself

Confidence in women can be mistaken as cockiness. Women have learned to shrink themselves to make others feel comfortable. Finding your sex appeal is finding your strength to remain you at all times. Create your boundaries and do you!

Value Yourself

A confident woman knows her worth and wont surround herself with people who don’t. Value yourself by being unavailable. The sexiest thing you can do is know your worth and act on it.


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