6 Ways to Feel More Confident In a Swimsuit

Feeling confident in your swimsuit takes serious self-love and a lot of practice.

But don’t let summer pass without bringing the heat!

Boost your summer body confidence

and know that everyBODY is a summer body!

No matter if you’re slim or curvy, with rolls or more,

many styles are available for women to be comfortable in and out the water.

Get to know what works for you and own it!

Below, discover 6 great ways to help boost your summer body confidence.

  1. Write down what you love about yourself.

A great tip on mastering confidence is getting to know what you love most about yourself. Once you know what you love about yourself, it’s easy to shop for yourself and step outside your comfort zone.

Open your eyes, look in the mirror, and even look over your selfies.

Be your own motivation.

2. Dress the Part

There’s no sense in looking good if you don’t feel good about yourself.

Let your look inspire you.

Get familiar with fashions that make you feel good.

No matter if you’re going on vacation or just want to be cute by the pool,

show up for every occasion!

Your style, your vibe.

3. Stay Healthy

Staying healthy is positive thinking, drinking more water, and minding your business.

Be so focused on self that you don’t have time to speak negative about others.

If you don’t like the way your body looks, change it.

Just don’t let others make that decision for you.

4. Color Block

My favorite style hack is color blocking.

Color blocking takes your look to the next level in seconds with the play in some of your brightest and boldest colors.

Neon has been a huge influence this summer.

A great way to boost your summer body confiding is

having fun with your fashion.

5. Select a Great Cover Up

Nothing brings your look together like a great cover up.

New styles have made it easy to stay covered and sexy in one.

Some of my favorite cover up styles include kimono’s, anything mesh and bare shoulder.

6. Pamper yourself

There’s nothing over the top about pampering yourself consistently.

Self-care is all about taking care of your mind, body, and soul.

Take time to read a book, exfoliate, wax, get your nails or your hair done.

Try on new makeup, activate a new skin care routine.

Do anything that makes you feel inspired to be a better you.

Your only limit is you.

Happy Styling!

Happy Self-Loving!


Neon Duster: Ashley Stewart

Swim Top: Lane Bryant