Self-love Practice to Feel More Confident and Sexy.

Hey Queen,

It’s a pleasure to kick off this week with a topic that speaks to my heart and hopefully yours, too!

Being confident and owning your sexy is more than just your body.

It’s your mind, and how you speak to yourself.

Your heart, and the love you give to others.

Your soul, and internal beauty. 

It takes an incredible strength to stand in your power.

Owning your attractiveness and secure in your sexy.

No one likes to be uncomfortable.

That’s why it’s so important to love yourself first, you’ll never care how another person feels about you.

Ahead, discover several best self-love practices to help define your confidence and sexy.

  1. Dress well 
  2. Define your personal style 
  3. Discover what makes you beautiful
  4. Affirm yourself
  5. Create personal boundaries – don’t let others shade your confidence
  6. Be your own beautiful
  7. Step out your fashion comfort zones
  8. Encourage the next woman to feel beautiful 
  9. Wear clothes that fit
  10. Stop Apologizing
  11. Take more pictures
  12. Dress with Color
  13. Be confident in what works –your favorite fit, feel, comfort, and style
  14. Detox your closet
  15.  Be happy (love yourself)

Happy Styling!

Outfit Details:

Jumpsuit: Santee Alley @ LA Fashion District