Style Mantras for a Better Confidence


Hey Beauty!

What is fashion without style?

Style is personal, it’s relatable, & it’s inspiring!

Achieving a better confidence means so much more than dressing well,

it’s about your happy and how you make others feel.

Dress without seeking and let your style empower.

Below, discover style mantras you can use to achieve a better confidence all year around.

“Minimal is Chic”
Some days are just meant to be casual. We consider them bad outfit days when in fact minimal is chic! This is the perfect time to let your individuality show. Smile and be beautiful with confidence.

“Size Doesn’t Limit Your Style”
Again, “Size Does-NOT Limit Your Style.”
Nobody knows your body better than you. Never let anyone dictate what you should and should not wear. No matter if you’re too tall or short, over or under weight, you set your own limits. Go for it but respect yourself and style with pieces appealing to your body type.

“When in Doubt, Just Dress”

Don’t second guest your look. Just go for it and let your style be the boost of confidence you need for the day.

“Your Style, Your Statement”
Be confident in your style. Let your look create the vibe.

Make it count and attract greatness with your walk and your talk.

Happy Soul Styling!

Outfit Details:

Lipstick: MAC – Breathing Fire

Sundress: Ross Stores

Location: Dallas, TX